Tuesday, 3 July 2018

The Final Word ....

So with the figures painted, it only remains to bring the shiny and matt bits together, to get a consistent finish to the figure. I do this by varnishing first with a brush on gloss, revell email color no1, and then, once dry I spray matt with Winsor and Newton Professional Matt Varnish. I find this gives a really good overall flat look.

And it's job done! (apart from the other 40 rank and file I have to do for the rest of the unit .....)

My last word on the figure style debate ..... (is it a debate? 😄 )

Here is the previous image line up with the addition of a scaled down image of an actual person dressed in a period uniform .....

I'll scuttle off now and leave the chunky boys to the feast .......




Graham C said...

I think that image of the reenactor says it all. So glad we moved to the proportionate figure scale

Unknown said...

Love the figure style you do. Great sculpting. What regiment were you painting up again?
Take care and look forward to more of your WAS figures.


hUnlion said...

Great painting guide. I shall look forward to following it with my figures. Thank you for posting.

John Csonka

Clive w said...

Thank you for taking the time to do all of this John, its been very interesting to follow

John D said...


The regiment is Neapolitan Provincial unit "Basilicata".

Thanks for the positive comments guys


Unknown said...

Where do you get your flags for the Neapolitans? I have the old Potsdam book. Didn't know if you had another source.

All the best,


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CG said...

Hello John,

Great sculpts and painting. Do you take commissions?