Thursday, 19 January 2012

Neapolitan Line and some Poles

Rounding of our trip to the South of Italy for the time being we have the 1st line Regt of the Neapolitan Line.

This unit of Connoisseur figures I had painted to a fairly basic but acceptable standard, then I reworked them a bit to enhance some of the detail (faces, lining etc). It was a relatively quick and cost effective way to get another nice unit on the ground.

The second unit featuring today is the the 1st Regt or the the Vistula legion. These Elite figures were painted for me by Dave Docherty of "One Man and his Brushes" fame. I've also more recently had Dave do the 2nd Regt to go as a pair with this one, and I'll feature these as well in due course once I've got them based up.

Next time, continuing the connection with Murat, the other half of my German Brigade, the boys from Berg.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Neapolitan Command

One thing I really enjoyed about the Gilder style layouts from days gone bye were the lovely command vignettes.

I've been keen that as I build this army up that I create suitable command bases which replicate this look.

So here are a couple which I've created for the Neapolitans:

First up a suitable dashing general who is my re-creation of General Guglielmo Pepe, and a suitable adc type to convey his orders in the uniform of the Velites a Cheval of Murat's Royal Guard.

Both figures are Willie with minor conversion work, mounted on Foremost Horses.

The second base is a Vignette of Foot guard command to go along with the Battalion I painted. The dismounted figure is a Bicorne with a head swap from a Hinchliffe foremost figure. The mounted officer started of life as a Willie Grenadier a Cheval, and was tweaked a little. Again horses are foremost.

Apologies for the slightly ropey photos. bright low winter sun not ideal for capturing these at their best.

Next .... some line