Wednesday, 7 May 2008

It takes two

Decided on reflection it was probably best to do the chasseur and grenadier while I was on a roll, and before I resumed on painting, so here they are.

That's going to be the end of sculpting for a while, I need to get these masters cast up and some units cast and painted, I'll post these up as they get done, but it will probably be a while (too many other distractions)



Sunday, 4 May 2008

Back in Command

A significant delay in progress with sculpting, as I've been sidetracked onto painting for a while. However I've taken a break from that for a couple of days and finished off the next figure, another officer. The swords probably a little bit too thin for effective casting/longevity in lead, but this doesn't matter as I replace these on gaming figures with flattened paper clips, which are much stronger than lead in such dimensions.

This little project has now produced a fusilier, drummer, standard bearer and two officers. Sufficient now to start producing units, hurrah. I think the next couple of figures will be simple conversions of the fusilier into a Chasseur and Grenadier in the same pose.

I'll post again, once I've done these, might be a while, depending on progress on the painting front!