Sunday, 21 April 2013

Legion du Midi

Been back to painting Napoleonics recently, and this is the latest completed unit. The Legion du Midi, from Piedmont in Italy.

All the figures are Connoisseur (apart form the Horse which is a Foremost). A few tweaks here and there just to give the unit a bit more variety and minor alterations to the uniforms (epaulets and carrot shaped pompom)


Chris said...

Really lovely. Are you getting new castings from Bicorne or are they part of an old 'stash'? Just wondering how clean the Bicorne castings might be given the age of the figures. Are they good at keeping the moulds in good shape?


John D said...


The castings are a mixture, some old, some quite recent. Generally the castings I've had most recently aren't too bad, a wee bit flashy at times, nothing serious though and I can live with that, detail still there.

Only had one bad casting, a French dragoon officer with a large chunk of metal for his right boot!