Monday, 2 February 2009

Back from a Break

Well its been a long time since the last post, principally because I haven't been doing any sculpting, and as that's the purpose of this Blog, I didn't see much point in putting up anything else.

Got sidetracked on to some painting, mainly a "Gilder style" unit of connoisseur French Napoleonic hussars. Pleased with the results, but it took a bit of time.

Anyway, got bored with painting, so its back to the sculpting for now. A while back I had made a dolly for a mounted figure, so I decided to have a go at taking one through to completion. First selection was a french hussar type, of the sort that could be used for Lauzun's Legion or similar units. It's basically a standard French Hussar outfit with no pelisse.

Anyway, here he is, officer and trumpeter etc to follow, once I get round to it.