Sunday, 19 May 2013

Command Stand and ADC

Latest additions to command the steadily growing French troops. A small vignette featuring a colonel from the 4th Hussars and an escort. Colonel, I think is a Willie figure, escort a Connoisseur guard chasseur. Horses are Foremost and Elite respectively.

And to carry the orders, a Connoisseur ADC and horse


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Love those hussars.. lovely work!

Chris said...

Stunning work. The rearing horse is Foremost, indeed, but I think the other horse is a Connoisseur personality horse. No?

Anyway, really inspirational stuff.
Thanks for posting.

John D said...


You could be right on the horse, it came out of my "bits box" I thought it looked "elite" in style to me, but that was just a guess.

Thanks for the positive comments


Carlo Pagano said...

Hi John - who makes the lovely messenger figure in bicorne please?

It is simply stunning!

Waiting with baited breath for your next project mate - your work is inspirational!!



John D said...


I think he's a connoissuer french ADC, available from bicorne miniatures


David Jarvis said...

Wonderful work :)