Friday, 11 January 2013

Sculpting again

Had a bit of a break from painting recently and over the holidays did a little bit more sculpting. I'd done those new heads a while back and also had some basic walking dollies which I'd drop cast ages ago. I've worked one of these up into a SYW period Hanoverian Infantryman (or an approximation thereof) Its a 30mm ish figure of similar size and dimension to a Willie one (which is the sort of style I was trying to go for). I'm reasonably happy with the way he's turned out, so might get him cast up and then work up some variants with different heads etc


Fitz-Badger said...

That looks quite good! I'm not up to that level of sculpting. Mine being much more cartoon-y.
Is the left arm situated to be carrying a musket?

abdul666 said...

Sculpting of fully professional level -and more realistic than the 'Old School' you refer to. Compliments!

John D said...

Fitz, yes, the arm is sculpted to carry a musket (which I've made as a seperate item)

Thanks for the positive feedback


FSK said...

Great job! Please could you tell me what the green stuff is - I have tried modelling figures in white (fine) Milliput - but it is hard work in this scale (for me anyway...)
Cheers, John

John D said...


The "greenstuff" is a two part compound (blue and yellow) which you mix together (and it turns green, hence the name) I think its actually originally for plumbing use, but is widely used in the figure sculpting world. You can pick it up on ebay or from other hobby supliers like EBOB. Its a bit like chewing gum in consistency.

Hope that helps