Tuesday, 27 December 2011


So here is the first of my Neapolitan Units, and lets start with the main men, The Royal Guard Grenadiers.

For those familiar with such things, Murat had somewhat of a liking for light crimson, or what I like to call pink, and it features in some way with many of the napoleonic units assocaited with him.

This unit is one I painted myself, the castings are mainly hinchliffe foremost range chasseurs of the guard, and a splendid figure it is too. I've done some conversion work on these using a few firing line heads and other tweaks. The officers, standard bearer and drummer are mostly bicorne with head swaps back to hinchliffe to make them a better fit with the other figures and the sapper, and two other officers are hinchliffe, with a wee bit of tweaking.

Anyway, quite pleased with how they turned out.


DaveD said...

Very colourful - nice pink!

SteveGill said...

Very nice indeed. I agree that Foremost figure is a good'un.

abdul666 said...

Officially it was 'Amaranth' -not a very 'manly' hue according to modern prejudices :)

grecian1959 said...

John Any recent moulding of neapolitan rearing horse finials -i was in touch last year. Peter :-) I have 2 Neapolitan units painted up and they need the final icing on the cake. As I said last year please let me know and I will send you postage cost etc,i live in Ireland.