Sunday, 11 December 2011


These two units started of life as the first and second Battalion of the Leib-Infanterie-Regiment Großherzog (1st Regt) from Baden. They were an ex WHC centre pair, that were fairly beat up by the time I got hold of them (broken muskets etc). I repaired all the damage, then decided to make one of the battalions into the 2nd Regt (Linien-Infanterie-Regiment Erbgroßherzog). I also did some conversion work to make the flank companies by adding plumes to the helmets and epaulets. All the figures then got a refresh on the paintwork, including adding in the lapels, which didn't feature in the initial paint job they'd had.

Here they are now:

Leib-Infanterie-Regiment Großherzog 

Linien-Infanterie-Regiment Erbgroßherzog

Next time Neapolitans!


abdul666 said...

Splendid units, if not Lace Wars ones [well, nobody is perfect :) ]

Since you are a wargaming figurines sculptor, if I may, two totally unsolicited, if gratuitous suggestions: on TMP I posted messages (taking initial inspiration from the comics 'Le Scorpion' and mentioning previous threads about the SYW female soldiers of Eureka) suggesting design(s) for 18th C. 'adventuresses / female heroes'; actually more for a 18th C. 'winsome warrior' re. last post 06 Dec 2011 1:31 p.m. PST). 
Gaming '18th C. Fantasy / Horror / Pulp / Swashbuckling' is gaining popularity, re. the the positive reception on TMP and the Lead Adventures forum to Carnevale.

Hence my 2nd suggestion at the end of the thread, for a Carnevale-compatible mini: players are exchanging feverishly about possible proxy minis.

The suggestions are public for months, totally free of any 'intellectual property', ¢, ®, ™ &c… : any sculptor wishing to try his (her?) hand at such would be most welcome, specially if finding a manufacturer to commercialize the work! 
[Yes, the suggestion is 'gratuitous' in both senses :) ]

Best wishes,


DaveD said...

Nice job John - looking good

John D said...

Thanks Dave

Jean-Louis, not sure I'll be sculpting much along those lines anytime soon, but thanks for the ideas.