Sunday, 4 May 2008

Back in Command

A significant delay in progress with sculpting, as I've been sidetracked onto painting for a while. However I've taken a break from that for a couple of days and finished off the next figure, another officer. The swords probably a little bit too thin for effective casting/longevity in lead, but this doesn't matter as I replace these on gaming figures with flattened paper clips, which are much stronger than lead in such dimensions.

This little project has now produced a fusilier, drummer, standard bearer and two officers. Sufficient now to start producing units, hurrah. I think the next couple of figures will be simple conversions of the fusilier into a Chasseur and Grenadier in the same pose.

I'll post again, once I've done these, might be a while, depending on progress on the painting front!


Fitz-Badger said...

If you are going to replace the sword blade with a flattened paperclip anyway why cast it with a blade? (not a criticism, just curious)

I hope you will post pics of painted minis when you get some cast up and painted!

Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing the process you go through with us!

Bluebear Jeff said...

I continue to be quite impressed. And I like this officer.

-- Jeff

Giles said...

I like this figure too - he has a very purposeful, determined look about him.

Best wishes


John D said...

Thanks for the feedback, I suppose I could have sculpted the officer without the blade, but somehow leading the troops with something akin to a beer jug in his hand, just didn't seem right. Anyway, there's a possibility it might be ok, if not no loss.




Brilliant stuff