Monday, 24 March 2008

Flying the Flag

Firstly thanks for the feedback on the big issue, namely the with/without sculpted lace debate, in the end I went without and I think this was the right direction. Anyway, its been a long time since the last post, which is probably how things will continue from now on. The original intention of the Blog was to show how to sculpt and make miniatures, and I hope this has largely been achieved.

A few kind souls did however indicate that they would like to see the other sculpts as they are completed, and to that end I shall continue to put up some photo's as each one is finished. So without further ado, here is the next edition, a standard bearer/ensign or Sous-lieutenant as the french would say!


Fitz-Badger said...

Cool! I'm glad you're going to post the other sculpts as completed. I am definitely interested in seeing how they turn out.
Do you think you'll do any "special figures", to represent specific commanders (or your tabletop ego), for example; or maybe civilians or others for "vignettes" or special game scenarios?

Bluebear Jeff said...

Very nice . . . I like him.

As a follow-up on fitz-badger's question . . . have you thought of sculpting any civilians? or ladies (who are obviously also civilians)?

-- Jeff

Bloggerator said...

How goes the project?


Greg Horne

John D said...


Sorry for the delay in updating, I've been sidetracked onto painting the last few weeks and so haven't yet completed the next figure (another Officer). I might do some civilians at some point, but not in the near future. I'll hopefully complete the figure in the next week or so, time permitting.



Bloggerator said...

Thanks John,


Tim Mayer said...

Very nice work!