Friday, 20 February 2015

Been a while since I posted, I have been busy, but not got round to putting much up. So ...... In no particular order ......

Some new sculpts, a couple of standing Gardes Francaises :

And a new Advancing/Marching Dollie WIP:
Also been doing a bit of painting on more command vignettes

Working on some other stuff ..... More to come



Fitz-Badger said...

Tally ho! I can almost hear the baying of the hounds and the blare of the horn! Excellent vignette. Great work on the Gardes Francaises (and the details on the uniform) and the dolly, too!

Carlo Pagano said...

Very nice John - adore that yellow mate and those hounds look just perfect!

Bloggerator said...

Extremely nice John.

Minden/Crann Tara Dollies again with more Willies in the command vignette?

Where are the fellows in the jockey caps from? Intriguing.

I'm in anticipation a big reveal on a Savoyard army here...


John D said...


Yes, the sculpts are made to fit with Minden / Crann Tara, although a couple of the dollies only retain the upper torso from the range (mainly to ensure consistency), the rest is all new.

The command stand is all Willie mounted figures, the chaps in the jocket hats are from the "hunt" set. Originally sculpted by Ted Suren with tricornes, but subsequently remodelled with the jockey hats (I have versions of both)