Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Just a couple of companies of French Skirmishers that I sort of "speed painted" a wee while ago. The French are just about there now and ready for some gaming .....


Carlo Pagano said...

Hi John - these are very, very nice and the blue is perfect. What Connoisseur codes are these please as you have inspired me to paint up a few?

John D said...


The figures are:

Light Infantry Officer (CON-F012) Light Infantry Chasseur advancing (CON-F010)
Light Infantry Chasseur firing (CON-F011)
Light Infantry Chasseur, kneeling firing (CON-F068)

And the Musician is an old Hinchliffe casting. Still available



Carlo Pagano said...

Thanks John - they stand up so well don't they? Super figures.

Gamer in Exile said...

I love your work.

I read here that you use oil washes. How do you gloss over the figure without yellowing? I had to stop gloss varnishing my oil painted horses when, after months, they started to yellow. This is particularly noticeable on whites.

John D said...

I think it's probably the gloss varnish I use, but I've never had any problems with yellowing whilst using it (well not in a way that has been noticeable) I apply oil washes onto (make sure its dry) Acrylic. The Oils I use are Windsor and Newton Artists Oil Colour, thinned with liquin original, leave to dry a good while (I would say at least 48hrs and some colours need longer) When figure finished I do two coats of revell Email Color. Its very "plastic" in its consistancy and tough dries very quickly (like on the brush if you're not careful!) but I've never had any bothet with it and two coats gives a great shine!

Hope that helps


Old School ACW said...

With tongue in cheek:

What upsets me the most is that you say there were spped painted!

I may just as well pack it in.


Gamer in Exile said...

Thanks for the info., John. I will try another varnish and seal the figures with vallejo matt varnish before I hit them with gloss/satin.

I have had this problem with oil painted horses. In that case oil paint was slathered on then dragged off after leaving it to stain. The gloss varnish (local here in Bangladesh) went straight onto that (after a looong drying period). I have spoken to gamers in the UK who had the same yellowing problem. I use W&N artists oils for this horse work.

I have a small tin of Damar vanish from Richardson's Shiva range. I will try that on some Dutch Grenadiers I'm painting now. In this case I've used titanium white oil paint for the final white highlight.

Fingers crossed!