Sunday, 10 June 2012

Something Old, Something New

Been busy sorting out various "odds and ends" over the last month or so, some AWI "old school" hessian commanders and artillery for one, but a few Napoleonic items as well. So here we have another  ex WHC "restored" unit, its the French 39th Ligne

And also managed to complete a "new" French line Artillery battery of 8pdrs. All Connoisseur with a few head swaps and minor tweaks, except one of the officers who is a Bicorne with a head swap


Der Alte Fritz said...

Those Connoisseur figures are wonderful. I'm painting a British regiment of 84 figures at this moment (1:10 ratio) and the figures practically flow off my brushes. I think that I might order a 72 figure French btn in shakos for my Peninsula adventure.

DaveD said...

Looking good John. Is that Doug Mason hand painted flag i detect in there as well?

MurdocK said...


Phil said...

Very nice looking troops!
I enjoy this blog, and Murat is really wonderful!

John D said...


Indeed, I think the unit was done by Doug M, but can't be sure for certain. Working on repairing a sister unit just now, the 33rd Ligne.