Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Volunteers of Ireland

Been deathly silent hear for a long time. Not been sculpting anything for ages, so didn't have anything I thought was worth posting.I've been having a "painting phase" to my hobby time recently. Sculpting has been limited to the odd bit of conversion work on figures.

Finally finished unit of 30 Volunteers of Ireland figures, I sculpted the foot figure a long time ago, but haven't got round to finishing the unit till recently. Command figs are standard hinchliffe with head swops.


DC said...

Splendid chaps! And Irish tories too - you don't get many of those to the pound. I've been wanting to do Hobkirk's Hill again for some time - so that can be our Christmas game.

AD said...

What a great looking unit -- I'm terribly impressed.

Bloggerator said...


steve said...

Hi John
Do you have any castings for sale by any chance? I am looking to start an AWI collection and I love this Suren/Hezzlewood style.
All the best