Sunday, 10 August 2008

Filling up the Ranks

Finally finished the grenadier and fusilier, to complete the set.

To give you an idea on size of the figure in comparison to some common makes, here he is in a line up of (from left to right) Front Rank, Foundry, Hinchliffe, our lad and finally an RSM. I was aiming for something that was of similar size and heft to the Hinchliffe/RSM type figure, but with a little more detail to ease painting, a compromise between "old school figures" and there modern "chunky, pumpkin head, baseball mitt" brethren. I'm fairly pleased with the results.


Fitz-Badger said...

Looking good as usual! Nicely sculpted and painted! I would say you achieved your goal as far as looks and proportions.

Faust said...

I like the look of your minis, with one suggestion. There is a considerable gap between their legs at the pelvis that doesn't look anatomically correct to me. Other than that, they look great.

I know that might sting a bit to hear, but I only want to help you create a top line of figs.

Best regards,

General Nuisance said...

I would agree with Faust -- the only nitpick is I think the thighs need to be a little bit wider at the crotch to get rid of the spindly look. Other than that, excellent work and thanks for sharing.


great blog

John D said...

Sorry its taken so long to come back, I've been occupied with other things.

Faust, I agree its a little spindly in the leg / pelvis area, but in "real life" its not as bad as it looks in these close up photos, its also partly emphasised by the way I painted the figure, viewed at normall size, you don't really notice it. Fair comment though.