Sunday, 17 February 2008

He's Finished!

Very busy this week, so progress has been slow, however the first master is now complete. Here's a few photo's to give you an idea how he turned out.

Finishing the figure involved adding more buttons, the plate on the cartridge box, bow/ribbon in hair and generally tyding up any little bits that weren't quite correct (e.g. one of the musket bands was slightly damaged). As I said before adding detail is a compromise, I want the figure to look right, but don't want to overdo detail, as this takes you down the route of the oversize "modern" figure I talked about at the very start of this Blog. I'm aiming for a figure that will be clean, easy to paint, but that will still have the key details that define the uniform. In this case for example I've put buttons on the cuffs and vents, but less than the "correct" number, as I felt it looked a bit fiddly with that many. Anyway, on balance I'm happy with the result.

Time to move on to the next masters, probably an officer or drummer.

At this stage I've effectively taken you through the whole process, sufficient that you can, if you want, try this yourself. Making final figures is just a repeat of the process I illustrated previously while making the intermediate castings.

I'll continue to post up photo's of the other masters etc as I complete them, in case anyone is interested in how they work out.

For those planning on having a go, good luck, as I said at the start its not as hard as you might think, however, be realistic, its a bit like anything else, you won't be great to start with, but if you persevere, I'm sure you can achieve acceptable results.




Fitz-Badger said...

Looks great!
How did you do the plate on the cartridge box?
How did you do the buttons?


I for one will look forward to pictures of more masters as you go.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I'll echo Fitz's comments.

-- Jeff

Steve said...

...and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished products as they "pour" out of the moulds!

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hello John.

I agree with the others -- He looks great! Now, when will you begin the actual casting?

Best Regards,