Saturday, 19 January 2008

Ready to cast

Well, progress has been a little delayed in recent days, as a heavy cold has delayed things. However, on the mend now and things are back on track.

I've finished the three heads I intend to use initially, Fusilier, Grenadier and an officer. They've been removed from the paper clips, I was using as a stand and are now ready for casting.

A lot of what I've been doing to date in this process is preparatory, making various components required to make final masters. This element of the process is a bit dull, but it is an essential step. I have a few bits and bobs left to complete, in regard to this, a drum, officers fusil and a pistol. These are about half done, and should be completed in the next few days to draw this element of the process to an end, hurrah!

To keep my interest up, I've temporarily stuck the grenadier head on the body I prepared earlier, this gives us a good idea how the finished master will look, and is a good check to see that things are looking ok. I'm happy with the overall look of the figure so far, although its clearly not finished yet.

Next post, I'll cover making the Moulds and subsequent casting of the various bits I've created to date.

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Frank said...

Looking good John and very entertaining and interesting subject. Keep up the good work.